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Compostable Diapers

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Bambo Nature puts both the interests of your child and the environment as the top priorities.

Bambo Nature nappies are just like ordinary disposables, but they have a much lower eco footprint. Bambo Nature nappies are both ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent with a unique layer that draws wetness away from baby's skin, keeping baby dry and comfortable even with repeat wetting. The nappies have been designed in conjunction with parents to assure the product has a practical design and are user friendly.

Bambo Nature- XL (Size 6)- 33 to 50 lbs-
Bambo Nature- XL (Size 6)- 33 to 50 lbs
Bambo Training Pant- (Size 5) 30+ lbs-
Bambo Training Pant- (Size 5) 30+ lbs
Bambo Training Pant- (Size 6) 40+ lbs-
Bambo Training Pant- (Size 6) 40+ lbs
Bambo Nature Baby Wipes-
Bambo Nature Baby Wipes
Nest diapers size 1-5-
Nest diapers size 1-5
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