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Terms of Service

Blessed Bums Organic Diaper Service

18345 Sierra Highway, Ste B, Santa Clarita, CA 91351,

(323) 523-3411


Payments and Ordering

Billing occurs in 4-week cycles, with 4-weeks being the minimum order. All payments may be made via check, but we will need a valid credit card on file in case of loss or damages. Please note that if you're gifted service and the giftor's payment does not process or no payment is made, the service customer is ultimately responsible for payment. 

Post Due Date Grace Period 

We allow a 4-week grace period between your due date and your first exchange week to accommodate late babies and slow starts. Billing kicks in either when we pick-up your diapers for the first time or after the 4 week grace period; whichever occurs soonest

Delivery Day Instructions  

Leave your soiled diapers in the pail liner in the designated spot the night of your delivery day by 3pm.  (ie. For Thursday, leave them out Thursday evening by 7 PM)

If you have a daytime delivery route, please leave diapers out by 9am.

If you forget to leave them out, we may leave the clean bundle but you need to call to arrange a pick-up for the soiled ones. A missed pick-up fee of $25.00 will be charged.

The amount of dirty diapers you return is how many clean diapers you will receive on your next delivery date.

If your delivery day falls on a major holiday, we reserve the right to adjust your delivery day for that week, with adequate notice.

Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Diapers  

**Please do not use diapers as burp cloths. It causes mildew which is impossible to remove**

A replacement fee of $2.00 per diaper will be charged for any lost, damaged, or unreturned diapers.

Make sure that you place your bag in a secure location. If, however, a bag does get stolen Blessed Bums will split the cost of the stolen bag with the customer, at the replacement fee of $2 per diaper, plus the cost of the pail liner.

Items Left In Pail Liner    

Please keep all personal items and disposable products out of the pail liners. We are not responsible for any lost items left in the soiled diaper bag, including other cloth diapering accessories. Please let us know and we will do our best to locate any missing items. If item is found we will gladly return it on your next scheduled delivery. Blessed Bums is also not responsible for any accidental clea ning of lost items.

Moving or Change of Service  

If you need to change your delivery address, please call one week in advance. Your delivery date may be changed based on your new location. Should that happen, we will arrange an additional delivery or more diapers to ensure you don’t run out of diapers during your move.  If you are moving out of our service area, please cancel before your next billing cy cle.

When are you ready to change diaper sizes, please call us at least 5 days before your next delivery day. On delivery day, please leave all diapers, besides the ones need for that night, out for pickup. On the second week, after upgrading sizes, please return all diapers in the previous size.

Canceling & Refunds   

To cancel service, you will need to call us 5 days before your billing cycle ends. On the last delivery day, all diapers, clean or soiled, need to be set-out for pickup. Prepaid weeks of service are non-refundable.  Weeks of service purchased from a gift registry are non-refundable, transferrable or exchangeable.

Holds for Vacations 

Call us one week in advance to freeze your service. If you are vacationing for longer than 2 weeks, we will need to collect all the dirty and clean diapers from you before you leave. We will make sure you have a clean bundle ready for your return home. You will not be charged for the weeks you do not use service.


Shipping is free to existing and new diaper delivery service customers only. If you order products and are not a current/new customer, you are subject to any and all applicable shipping & handling charges. 

Product Return Policy  

You may return any unused products for any reason within 30 days of the purchase date (or ship date on backordered items) for exchange only, less shipping charges. Sorry, we cannot accept washed or used items.  However, returned items that are damaged through manufacture defect will be handled on an individual basis. Please be sure to read all and follow all laundering instructions carefully.

Product Exchange Policy  

Items in new condition can be exchanged for up 60 days. You pay the shipping to send items back to us or you may leave them out for your driver. Please call us before leaving them out so we know to look for the exchanged item.

Privacy & Security

We will not sell, give, trade, etc. your name or any personal information to anyone else for any reason!

Credit card number is required in case of loss or damages and will NOT be charged without contacting cardholder at least 7 business days beforehand. You will provide Blessed Bums with the information within 3 businesses days of beginning service. 

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